About Us

Welcome to Free Range Living, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Deni Fowle and I am the Creative Director at Free Range Living. FRL is a unique Creative Learning and Wellbeing Centre based in Kirrawee, Sydney. At the Centre you will find a variety of fun and engaging programs for children, young people and the adults in their community who care for and inspire them.

With a focus on sewing, contemporary hand crafts and yarn crafts, we offer after school term classes, school holiday workshops, and our famous CreativiTea Parties. We also offer a range of fun CreativiTea Kits for kids to create at home, including pretty jewellery and accessories projects, our boho Dreamcatcher, and a number of hand sewing projects that have been popular with the kids coming through our parties and workshops.
Free Range Living first opened in November 2011, in a small shop in Kurnell, opposite the Kamay Botany Bay National Park. We held our first childrens’ parties and workshops in January 2012, and over the years outgrew the space at Kurnell, so moved to the new Centre at Kirrawee in October 2014.
As a Child and Adolescent Psychologist, working for over 15 years in private practice, youth mental health and juvenile justice, I am passionate about giving kids the opportunity to experience the therapeutic benefits of creativity. Engaging in creative activities such as sewing, crochet, knitting, macrame, weaving and beading (just to name a few), can give kids productive options to combat boredom, engage in some fun indoor, rainy day or evening projects, assists in developing fine motor and problem solving skills, focus and attention, and also teaches youngsters how to balance their busy, active lives, by providing them with an opportunity for slowing down and developing a calm state of mind.
When I am not at the Centre, I am focusing on my other life passion – my family. I am a wife (who only just stepped foot in the kitchen last year – hubby is cheering!) and a mother of two primary aged children, Miss A is in Year 5 this year and Master T is in Year 2. Juggling the emotions of motherhood, from pure joy and lots of laughter, to the challenges of “tween mood swings” and Master T’s special needs, you will often hear me say that I “practice what I preach”, or sometimes reminding myself that I need to!  I LOVE my crochet, it’s MY therapy and I enjoy sharing this with other women at our evening Just 4 Me CreativiTea sessions through term. Sometimes, depending on her mood, Amalia joins in on the fun at the Centre, or helps me with developing and testing new creative projects for parties and kits. Tae’s abilities in the face of his challenges, have always amazed me, and recently he has too started showing more interest in creativity and I am enjoying the opportunities to create with him, using Lego and our new PlayMais products.
Juggling my family, private practice and running Free Range Living is not an easy task, and there is no way that we could offer all these fantastic services without my awesome team of Creative Learning Teachers and Assistants. If you are attending a CreativiTea Party, an after school class or a School Holiday Workshop, you will likely be in the very capable hands of Laura, Rebecca, Teagan, Sarah, Tara, Narelle, or Jackie, and with the assistance of our juniors Jess, Steph, Ellie, Alex, Kelly or Georgia. All the staff come with a high level of creative experience and skills, and are all as equally passionate about Free Range Living as I am, so I know you are all in good hands.
We are all very excited about 2016, seeing the ongoing growth of the services in the Centre, developing new CreativiTea Party and Kit projects, and introducing new Online Services to the Website! Stay tuned…
In the mean time, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback, and to keep up to date with all the happenings and new products and services, please subscribe to our Mailing List via the Contact + Subscribe page, and join our Facebook and Instagram Community.
Deni Fowle