Mini Fashionista's CreativiTea Party

Our Mini Fashionista’s CreativiTea Party is the perfect option for tween birthday girls turning between 9 years and up.

Each child receives a singlet top, and then is taught how to embellish with a pretty hand sewn rosette, a crochet flower, buttons, ribbon and lace.

Choose from our Signature “vintage styled” tea party set up, with tea cups, saucers and tea pots.

Or, as an alternative, choose our “classically cool” styled set up, with retro glass bottles and sparkly gold place mats.

Morning/afternoon tea is served first, consisting of a variety of fruit and veg sticks, mini sandwiches, fresh pop corn, a melting moment cooking and pink cordial. 30 minutes is provided for the tea party, and the birthday cake is usually served at this time, so the children can enjoy a piece of cake. 90 minutes is then allocated to teach and complete the creative project, and capture the pride and joy on the children’s faces when they have completed their project, with group photos at the end of the party.

Mini Fashionista CreativiTea Party packages are priced as follows:

  • $350.00 for up to 8 kids.
  • $440.00 for between 9-12 kids.
  • for parties with more than 12 kids, the packages is priced at $440.00 for the first 12 children, then $28 for each additional child (above the 12).