CreativiTea Parties

We offer a variety of fun CreativiTea Parties held at our Creative Learning Centre in Kirrawee, Sydney.

Click on the individual Party Packages to find out about the creative projects and cost of each package.

Select your styling of preference, party time, and optional add-ons as per below.


Party Styling

Signature Styling Package~ suitable for kids aged 6 years and up.

  • Upon arriving at Free Range Living, the youngsters delight in our vintage styled High Tea set up, and enjoy their morning or afternoon tea of sweet treats displayed on tiered plate stands, juice served in tea pots with tea cups and saucers.


Rainbow Fun Styling Package ~ Suitable for kids aged 3-6 years.

  • For our youngsters celebrating with a CreativiTea Party, we use colourful melamine plates, printed platters and mason jars with handles and straws. Tables are also covered with a paper table runner, with crayons and pencils for the kids to doodle and draw.


Classically Cool Styling Package ~ suitable for all ages.

  • Our Classically Cool styling came about as an alternative for tweens who are “too cool” for tea cups and saucers. Glitzy gold placemats, funky geometric patterned melamine plates, retro glass milk bottles and straws make up the tableware. Decorative center pieces consist of vintage cut glass bottles, display candles and contemporary vases.

Classically Cool Styling

Ice Cream Sundae Styling Package ~ suitable for all ages.

  • Calling all ice cream sundae lovers! At our Ice Cream Sundae Station CreativiTea Parties, tables are set up ready to get the creative project underway. Each child’s place is set up with a mason jar with lid and straw, filled with low-joule cordial, and a melamine bowl for a crunch and sip style service during creative project making. The Ice Cream Sundae Station consists of a variety of lollies and sweet treats displayed in glass jars. The display will be set up from commencement of the party, though not accessed until the dedicated time after the creative projects are complete. Each child is then provided with a parfait glass or melamine bowl (for younger kids), for their yummy ice cream sundaes, created at our Ice Cream Sundae Station.
  • The Ice Cream Sundae Package can be added to any of our party projects. The price of the Ice Cream package is:
    • $30 for a party of up to 12 kids.
    • For parties with over 12 kids, the price is $30 + $3 per head for each additional child



Party Procedures for Signature, Rainbow Fun and Classically Cool Party Styling Packages.

When the kids arrive, the tables are styled and ready for the morning or afternoon tea service. Once all (or majority) of guests have arrived, we ask kids to be seated and often suggest that the Birthday Child be seated at the end of the table. We like to serve the birthday cake at this time, as it allows the kids to enjoy the celebration, and not be rushed at the end of the party. This may vary with the younger kids, as we often need to mix things up, and the creative project generally doesn’t take as long. The Birthday Cake is then removed and cut up by staff in the kitchen, then served to the children, along with the other party food and drink.

Our food service consists of a variety of fresh fruit and veg sticks, freshly popped popcorn, a selection of sandwiches (eg cheese, Vegemite, chicken), and a melting moment cookie (gluten and dairy free). Pink cordial and cold water are also provided for refreshment.

We like to have the morning/afternoon tea finished in the first 30 minutes, as many of the creative projects require 90 minutes for the kids to complete. At this time, all the food and tableware is cleared, and the creative materials are brought out to commence the project instruction. In some cases, the kids may have a play in our toy area at this time, or staff will engage them in some movement games, like Musical Statues, to get the wriggles out, before sitting back down to work on the creative project.

Party Procedures for Sweets Station Styling Party Packages.

Upon arrival, tables are set up with individual settings and along the center of the table are bowls of fresh popcorn, and bowls/platters of fresh fruit and veg sticks. 90 minutes is allowed for the completion of the creative projects, so that the last 30 minutes can be dedicated to Birthday Cake and creating a super yummy Ice Cream Sundae at our specially set up Sweets Station.

The Birthday Cake will be brought to the table to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles, then removed by staff to cut up in the kitchen. A really great option for the “Birthday Cake” is to bring a Cupcake Stand and Cupcakes (or we can provide our tiered stands), and that way each child can eat a Cup Cake alongside their Ice Cream Sundae. When it is time for the Sweets Station, kids are encouraged to line up behind the Birthday Child, and each child has a wood spoon that they can decorate with washi tape. They are served ice cream in a parfait glass or bowl, and attend the Sweets Station to select their toppings, supervised by staff.

General Procedures and Guidelines

All kids have different fine motor, creative and sensory regulation skills. Whilst staff will demonstrate and encourage the children to develop the sewing and craft skills independently, at times they may need to take over and complete some of the work for them, to ensure that the child’s project progresses and that they are taking home a finished piece.

We have always loved hearing the feedback from parents that “this is the most relaxed party we have ever been to!” and in order to achieve this, we promote the Centre as a “Calming Space”.

At the end of the party, we love to capture the pride on the children’s faces, as they hold up their finished creative projects, with big beaming smiles from ear to ear! Photographs of the finished projects and groups of kids are used to promote the party packages, projects, and demonstrate the abilities of the children. No identifiable information is provided, though we respect if parents would like to request that their children not be included in photographs. Please notify the Creative Learning Teacher at the beginning of the party.


Party Times

Parties are available for booking on Fridays 4:30-6:30 and Saturdays 9:30-11:30 ~ 1:00-3:00pm ~ 4:30-6:30pm

Parties are available on Sundays, however an additional 20% surcharge is applicable to cover higher staffing costs.


Optional Add-Ons

  • Lolly Bags to take home – leave it to us to make up all the lolly treat bags for your guests to take home $5.50 per child.
  • Sweets Station – want us to set up our Sweets Station and provide treat boxes for the kids to fill for their take home lolly bags – cost is $70 for up to 12 kids then $4.50 for each additional child over the first 12.
  • Adult Catering – pre-order a platter for adults staying at the party $30 each. Platters will include a variety of crudites, crackers or organic corn chips, tomato relish or dips etc.  A water dispenser and glasses is provided.
  • For larger parties we offer a Tea and Coffee Station for parents. This is $55 for unlimited self serve tea and coffee.
  • For children not joining in on the craft project we offer a food only option for $7.50 per head. This is a great option for siblings who will be attending but do not wish to join in with the project.


Booking and Cancellation Policy

  • a deposit of $100 is required for all parties to secure the booking.
  • Party cancellations with at least 7 days notice will receive a full refund of the deposit.
  • We are unable to refund booking deposits with less than 7 days notice of cancellation, however we are happy to reschedule party bookings to an alternative day.

2020Party Price list

To register your interest in booking one of our CreativiTea Parties, please email