PlayMais CreativiTea Parties

We are super excited to introduce this fun new product to Free Range Living, offering a great CreativiTea Party package suited to the pre and early school age group.

PlayMais is made from natural maize, water and food colouring, it is biodegradable and 100% safe. The pieces are easy for little fingers to create with, and simply stick together or to other surfaces, by dabbing on a damp wet cloth.

At our PlayMais CreativiTea Parties kids will enjoy a yummy morning or afternoon tea, served on our colourful plastic and melamine plates, of mini sandwiches, fresh fruit and veg sticks, fresh popcorn, and with special milk shakes served in mason jars with straws.

After the tea party, each child will be provided with a PlayMais Mosaic Card to create their PlayMais Masterpiece, and then will have free play with the regular PlayMais pieces, to create their own 2D and 3D models. During the party, staff will also play games like Musical Statues and Simon Says.

Cost for the PlayMais CreativiTea Party is $400 for up to 12 kids. For parties with over 12 kids, it is charged at $400 + $30 for each additional child (up to 30 kids).

To book your PlayMais CreativiTea Party email