New Designer – By Meg

It was a dreary rainy day today but FRL was bright and cheerful, and even more so when we received the package from our newest Designer to the emporium!
The attention to detail is stunning in all the products made by Megan Barnao, and these include nappy wallets, burp cloths, bib and bootie sets (in their own little cotton gift bags) and our FAVOURITE, her bags!!
Each of the bags is superbly finished. Megan tells us:
I really like to use tea towels for my bags because they are different and there are some REALLY beautiful tea towels that need to be shown off. I love that you can take something cut it all up and sew it back together and turn it into something else.
And I like that a lot of the bags I make are either one of a kind or only very few are made using the same materials. Even if I use the same fabric on the outside it is nearly always different on the inside. I like making the inside a bit interesting, wether its the pockets that are made out of the handle scraps or the little felt birds sewn on the pocket……….I don’t really know what i’m going to do until I get to that part!
I don’t use a pattern, I just go by my measurements, it all depends on the fabric/tea towel and the print on it, that’s what decides on what style of bag it going to be turned into.
We know that you are going to love all these products, just as much as us! In fact, it was great to see one of the Nappy Wallets leaving the emporium today, only a few hours after hitting the shelves!!