PlayMais Kits

PlayMais® is a range of extremely creative and completely natural craft materials and craft activity sets that will provide hours of fun for children aged 3+. Made in Germany from natural maize, water and food colouring, it is biodegradable and 100% safe. Children will be able to make wonderful creations ranging from easy 2D designs to sophisticated 3D creations for older kids. No glue required, just add a bit of water and your imagination – the possibilities are truly unlimited!
PlayMais® is a natural, versatile craft material for children, which is 100% biodegradable and therefore harmless to the environment. It is made from maize, water and food colouring.

  • PlayMais® sticks together with a tiny dab of water
  • PlayMais® can be shaped easily with the fingers
  • PlayMais® helps develop fine motor skills
  • PlayMais® encourages creative thinking
  • PlayMais® aids your childs creative development
  • PlayMais® is educational
  • PlayMais® is a natural product and is environmentally friendly
  • PlayMais® is easy and fun

We sell a range of PlayMais products in store and also offer PlayMais CreativiTea Parties in the Creative Learning Centre. If you would like to purchase PlayMais and you can’t find it in our online shop, please email

We are also able to organise a large bulk pack for your PlayMais CreativiTea Party at home!!