Sneak Peek #7

Today was exciting for two reasons, the first being that we received a parcel of stock from Melbourne! We are both very much taken by this gorgeous chunky jewellery by Ruby and Sage.
Ruby & Sage began in 2009 as an experiment, as Megan wanted to create affordable and unique pieces of resin jewellery that were also durable and hard-wearing. Several years later, the Ruby & Sage style is evolving organically and has gained a loyal following of fans. Everything is done by hand, from creating moulds based on clay sculptures, through to hand-sanding and polishing each piece.
Megan begins by shaping a bangle out of clay, before casting it in silicone to create a mould. From there she casts the resin piece, which involves mixing two liquids together that heat and then solidify. After casting each piece, it is then removed from the mould to sand and shape it, before polishing it. Megan will also often add pigments to the resin, or insert objects such as feathers or buttons.